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Make a donation

The library receives documents by donation that makes available to users through the catalog. Donations can be delivered at the Reading rooms or at the Acquisitions Service; you can also contact first by phone at 93 270 23 00, email (  or through the form below.

If you make a donation you can practice a deduction of 25% on the amount of the quota in the personal income tax (law 49/2002 of 23 December, of fiscal regime for non-profit organizations and tax incentives for patronage).

Relation of donors


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Old and modern printed books, manuscripts, scores,etc.
Serials (newspapers, journals, etc.)
Sound and audiovisual documents (discs, videos, CDs, etc.)
Graphic materials (engravings, posters, maps, joys, stamps, etc.)

You can highlight aspects that describe the content of your donation, for example, subject, chronological period, physical condition, state whether it is a collection with a special interest or unique; in the case of journals, state if they are bound; the space occupied by the documents (meters shelf or box number if applicable), etc.


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Personal data is confidential and is treated according to Law 15/1999 of 13 December, about Protection of personal data.

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