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Joan Saura

Saura Martí, Joan

(Molins de Rei, 1954 - 2012)
Composer and samplerist

Personal papers

Handwritten scores, personal, study and professional documentation, concert programs, press clippings, original drawings, photographs, periodicals, catalogs, miscellaneous printed matter, articles and texts about Saura, works and documentation of other authors, and correspondence

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Scope: 1908-2012

Origin: Donation of the Saura Martí brothers

Origin date: 2013

Sound and audiovisual archive

Set of sound and audiovisual, commercial and inedited documentation that Joan Saura collected over the years as musician. It includes both its own pieces and those made with the groups that he formed part. It includes also the collaborative work with other musicians, dance companies or various productions, as well as the production of incidental music for television and advertising.

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Scope: S. XX

Origin: Donation of the Saura Martí brothers

Origin date: 2013

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