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Vázquez Montalbán, Manuel

Vázquez Montalbán, Manuel

Writer and journalist
Barcelona 27 July 1939 -- Bangkok, Thailand, 17 October 2003

Collection of unedited sound and video recordings

Sound and audiovisual documents from the partial donation of the documentary and bibliographic archive of Manuel Vázquez Montalbán. The contents of the selection made by the family include documents related to a) the work of M.V.M. published abroad b) art and comics c) neighborhoods of Barcelona; urbanism and the statuary of the city d) football and sports e) revolutionary songbooks

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Fons personal

Documentació personal, correspondència, obra de creació: assaig, poesia, novel·la i narració, adaptacions, articles i col·laboracions, i obra sobre Manuel Vàzquez Montalbán: articles, estudis, tesis, bibliografia i recull de premsa.

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Scope: 1960-2003

Origin: Donatiu dels hereus: Anna Sallés Bonastre i Daniel Vázquez Sallés

Origin date: 2016

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