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It catalogs and organizes modern printed and digital monographs. It contributes to acquisition of documents and elaborates CIP records (Cataloguing in Publication).

Who works in General Collections


Section created in 1995 by the Decree 300/1995 of the structure of the Biblioteca de Catalunya. It is part of Bibliographic Unit.


It comprises most of annual Legal Deposit; it also gathers rellevant collections by intellectuals and collectors, that entered by donation or purchase, among them, the Biblioteca Badia-Cardús, the Biblioteca romàntica Lluís Tusquets de Cabirol or the collection from Avel·lí Artís-Gener “Tísner”.

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Jaume Clarà Arisa

Jaume Clarà Arisa


+34 93 270 23 00 (ext. 84013280)

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