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Mestres, Apel·les, 1854-1936

(Updated 24/12/2015)

Apel·les Mestres (Barcelona, 1854-19 to July 1936), also known as Apeles Mestes according to the spelling he used himself, he was a versatile artist dedicated to drawing, poetry, theatre, music, graphic illustration and translation. He was also a collector and a lover of gardening. He lived the city's social transformations and urbanisation, always maintaining his cultural roots to the land. He promoted graphic arts in Catalonia, revindicating the figure of the illustrator, an artistic class considered of little importance in society. The artwork of Mestres is invaluable to understanding the origins of the Spanish comedian. As writer, he cultivated various genres, including poetry, drama, prose, which Mestres often fused together and illustrated with his own drawings. In 1908, he was awarded with the title of Mestre in Gai Saber, having won three special awards in the Floral Games.