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Barcelona, 1942-

Edicions Destino

(Updated 16/05/2024)

Ediciones Destino or Edicions Destino was created in Barcelona in 1942. Joan Teixidor, Ignasi Agustí and especially Josep Vergés were its founders. It initially published in Spanish, and in 1946 it began to publish in Catalan.

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This collection joined the Biblioteca de Catalunya after being purchased from the heirs in 2006. It includes materials from the "Destino" archive, along with manuscripts and photographs of Josep Pla and himself.

Josep Vergés collection at the Biblioteca de Catalunya

Press release announcing the acquisition of the Josep Vergés collection

Catalogue of publishers and booksellers from the Bergnes de las Casas collection (Biblioteca de Catalunya)

More information and documentation on the works produced

Ediciones Destino

Llanas, Manuel. L'Edició a Catalunya. Segle XX (1939-1975) Barcelona: Gremi d'Editors de Catalunya, 2006.