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Working at the BC

Processes of selection and access to library are made by summons of the Generalitat de Catalunya, all offers and announcements can be found on the website of the Departament de Governació i Relacions Institucionals /Administració i Funció Pública / Accés a la funció pública

Occasionally, the library hires temporary staff of different categories because of backlogs of work and/or substitutions.

We also hire librarians for specific professional services.

In relation to these last two cases, temporary BC job offers that have been published at all times can be consulted within the temporary employment offers of the Department of Culture.

If you are interested in doing academic practices you should manage your request through your respective schools. The library regularly subscribes agreements with universities and academic institutions to host national and international trainees.

Grants for internships at the Library of Catalonia

These scholarships are for internships related to the description and cataloging of the collections of the Library of Catalonia, as well as for the assistance and support of the activities carried out there.
Pending publication of call 2020

Specific bases