of the Publishers and the Published of Catalonia

Destino (1937-1980, 1985)

(Actualització 16/05/2024)

The magazine, Destino, was founded in Burgos in 1937 by Xavier de Salas Bosch and Josep Maria Fontana i Tarrats, two Catalans with links with the Falange. Three years later, in 1940, Josep Vergés and Ignasí Augustí moved to Barcelona and turned it into a quality cultural magazine with a liberal and democratic Catalanist tone. Directed by Vergés, the writing team comprised Sebastià Gasch, Néstor Luján, Xavier Montsalvatge, Josep Pla, Joan Teixidor and Jaume Vicens Vives. Jordi Pujol acquired the magazine in 1975, under the direction of Baltasar Porcel, and in 1980 it was disbanded. Five years later there was an attempt to revive the magazine and a number of issues were released, however eventually the endeavour proved unsuccessful.

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