of the Publishers and the Published of Catalonia

Barcelona, 1946-1998


(Updated 16/05/2024)

Even though this publishing house was officially created in 1946, its origins date back to 1943, when Josep Maria Cruzet secured permission to publish the complete works of Jacint Verdaguer. The literary directors of the complete works were Josep Miracle and later Tomàs Tebé.

Selecta’s goal was to showcase the continuity of Catalan literature by publishing its most classic authors while also providing an opportunity for those who were starting out during the adverse conditions of the Franco regime.

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Josep Maria Cruzet collection of Biblioteca de Catalunya

The Biblioteca de Catalunya purchased this collection from Sebastià Borràs, one of the directors of Llibreria Catalònia. It has both professional documentation – from Llibreria Catalònia-Casa del Libro, Editorial Selecta and Editorial Aedos— and personal documentation. The holdings include 105 boxes which contain reports, bylaws, account books, tributes to authors, documentation on collections, translations, censorship papers, literary prizes, etc.

Its graphic documentation includes everything from invitations to launches of novels and sketches of the covers of some of the books.

Catalogue of publishers from the Bergnes de las Casas collection (Biblioteca de Catalunya)

Catalogue of publishers of Catalonia from 1940 to 1975

More information and documentation on the works produced

Miracle, Josep, L’Obra de Josep Maria Cruzet. Barcelona: Selecta, 1963.

Josep M. Cruzet i la fundació de l’Editorial Selecta (Josep M. Cruzet and the creation of Editorial Selecta)

Editorial Selecta website

Literaty awards