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Altisent, Joan

(Barcelona, 1891-1971)
Composer and music teacher

Balcells, Joan

(Barcelona, 1882-1972)
Composer and choral director

Sala, Antoni

(Barcelona, 1893 - Fittleworth (England), 1945)

Gisbert Padró, Joan

(Alcanar, 1884 - Barcelona, 1974)

Businessman, executor of Felip Pedrell, secretary and attorney of Manuel de Falla

Esbart Verdaguer

(Barcelona, 1945-1987)
Artistic and folk entity

Pedrell, Felip

(Tortosa, 1841 - Barcelona, 1922)
Composer, musicologist and professor

Bachs, Jaume

(Barcelona, 1862-1909)
Opera singer best known as Angelo Angioletti

Arnau i Palomar, Lluís

(Barcelona, 1871-1899)
Composer and pianist

Toldrà, Eduard

(Vilanova i la Geltrú, 1895 - Barcelona, 1962)
Composer, violinist and director

Orquestra Pau Casals

Orchestra's archive