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Digital preservation

Digital preservation consist of applying techniques and methods to  ensure continued access to information that is digitally stored in any  kind of format, software, hardware or system, in the future.

Due  to explosion of new technologies, there are more and more born digital  documents -often ephemeral- and more digitized documents by institutions  that should be preserved maintaining their integrity, authenticity,  reliability, legibility and functionalities.

The BC has set up two initiatives, which can help other institutions.

The workgroup who takes care of the digital preservation repository is the Grup de Preservació Digital, formed by:

Karibel Pérez and Ramon Novoa (Information Technology Area)

Paquita Navarro (Digitization Unit)

Margarida Ullate (Sound and Audiovisuals Unit)

Sergi Font (Google project at the BC)

Eugènia Serra (General Coordination)