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Support to the libraries for the transition toward RDA

The Subcomissió Tècnica d’RDA (STRDA) makes available a set of resources and documents to help and facilitate Catalan libraries in the process of transition toward RDA to implement it.

Resource, Description and Access (RDA) 

RDA and MARC 21

RDA: Examples


ILS should support the creation, exchange, search and display of RDA data; this can mean some changes in the managing systems. Libraries should be in touch with their system providers about possible options, but the implementation of the new fields, subfields, and codes of MARC21 have to be the first requirement.

RDA and the existing records of the catalogues

A general conversion of the existing records of the current catalogues will not be needed. The records created using RDA can be perfectly integrated with the existing ones. Even though some changes and/or global updates of access points and authority records will be necessary, as well as some changes in the structure of the uniform titles of the Bible, treaties, etc.

Other resources of interest

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