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Catàleg de rotlles de pianola

Collection of historical commercial catalogs of sound recordings

Collection of catalogs of commercial companies that, at the beginning of the 20th century, edited or distributed the first sound recordings: wax cylinders, pianola rolls, 78 rpm discs. Some of those catalogs are available at the Memoria Digital de Catalunya (MDC)

Commercial catalogs of wax cylinders and discs until 1900

Sound discs catalogs (78 rpm) before 1901, and of wax cylinders. Stands out the Catálogo of the Sociedad Fonográfica Española Hugens y Acosta

Acces: Room reservation

Scope: 1899-1900

Origin: Donation

Origin date: 2004

Commercial catalogs of piano rolls

Piano rolls catalogs published by Aeolian, Animatic (Hupfeld), Armonic-Rolls, Diana, Edition Musicale Perforée, ERA, España Musical (Cosmos), Ideal, Pleyela, Princesa, Victoria i Welte-Mignon, the first decades of the twentieth century

Acces: Room reservation

Scope: 1918-1929

Origin: Donation

Origin date: 1998-

Sound discs (78 rpm) commercial catalogs

Sound discs catalogs (78 rpm) published by the record companies Amphion, Anthologie sonore, La Boîte à musique, Chant du monde, Classic, Columbia, Decca, Delphi, Edison, Festival, Fonotype, Goodson, Gramophone, Lumen, Odeón, Parlophon , Pathé, Telefunken and Victor, between 1905 and 1953. It also includes the general catalogs.

Acces: Room reservation

Scope: 1905-1953

Origin: Donation

Origin date: 1990-2012

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