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Laptop loan

Note: Due to lack of laptop availability, the reservation service is suspended until further notice.
In case of availability when you come to BC you will be able to borrow one.
Sorry for the inconvenience.


The laptop loan service can be used with the library user card.

Operating hours

Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 19:00 and Saturday from 9:00 to 13:00 for process the request.
Return should be at most 10 minutes before closing.

Loan conditions

  • One laptop by person.
  • Loan time is for 5 hours that can be extended if no other user is asking for.
  • Exclusive use for research inside the reading rooms of the BC.
  • The laptop will be delivered in perfect conditions of use, operational, setting on and with an antitheft wire, whose key will be kept by the library staff. The library has right of asking users to occupying a specific seat.
  •  Requests - which are personal and not transferable- can be processed at the desks of the reading rooms, where it should be signed the conditions sheet.
  • .Loan time should be respected, the user should inform when the time is gone and communicate incidences at the desk; not to make an improper use and to return it in the same condition than had when it was picking up, if not it can be sanctioned. Look at User’s responsibilities chapter of the Rules.

User’s responsibilities and sanctions

Accept and sign the service conditions. The following actions will be object of punishment:

  • Not to inform that the time of use is finished will imply not to have right to use the service within ten days. Recidivism will be punish without one month of access to use the service
  • The return with configuration changes will imply sanctions such as the previous case.
  • The return with damages due to a misuse, the installation of non authorized software or any use different of research will be sanctioned without one month of access to use the service.
  • Failure to return the laptop will need a replacement of a computer with the same characteristics, or alternatively, be paid the value of the computer determined by the BC.


Laptop HP 250 G6:
 •  Intel Core i3-6006U
 •  4096 MB total memory
 •  Disc  SSD SATA M.2 de 128 GB
 •  Screen TFT15”
 •  Wireless 802,11 b/g
 •  Wight 1.86 Kgrs.
 •  1 slot SD/SDHC/SDXC
 •  2 USB 2,0 , USB 3.0
 •  Firewire


Configuration for operating system Windows 10:



Data compressing/uncompressing
PDF reader
Word processor
Web browser
DVD player
CD/DVD copies
Wireless connection

Adobe Reader
Power Point
Internet Explorer
Intervideo WinDVD
HP Wireless Assistant