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Application for authorization of public use of reproductions

This form allows you to request authorization for public use of reproductions obtained in previous requests or downloaded from the web.

If you do not have the reproductions you can request them together with the public use authorization - if applicable - using the complete request.


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Conditions Show conditions

The authorization for public use of the reproduction of documents from the Biblioteca de Catalunya does not imply any license or transfer of rights. The conditions are as follows:

1. Quote the origin of the document clearly and visibly, identifying the piece used in its place of origin as follows: Biblioteca de Catalunya. Barcelona (We recommend also including the name of the collection or the document's reference).

In the case of printed images, the citation will go at the bottom of each document.

In the case of audiovisual documents, mention must appear in the final section of credits.

In the case of sound reproductions, it must be clearly identified on the cover and avoid only mentioning it in the booklets.

2. Make a single use for the declared purpose and contact the Biblioteca de Catalunya again if you wish to use the reproduction another time or for other purposes.

3. Deliver a copy of the final work, if there is a physical support to:

Biblioteca de Catalunya
Servei d'Accés i Obtenció de Documents
Att. Marga Losantos
C/ Hospital, 56
08001 - Barcelona

If there is no physical support but the reproduction is in the context of a web page, you must send an email including the address where the document can be consulted. You can do so at the email address

If you need the logos of the Biblioteca de Catalunya to include them in the citation, we can send them by email in various formats and forms. You can make the request by contacting

4. The BC is not the owner of the exploitation rights of the works in its collections. In case that that the Library would be the owner of the rights, the authorization will be made on a non-exclusive basis.

5. In the case of works that are not in the public domain, the applicant will be responsible for processing and obtaining the necessary permissions from the owners and remunerating them, if applicable, normally through the copyright management entities ( AGEDI, AIE, AISGE, CEDRO, DAMA, EGEDA, SGAE or VEGAP).

6. The user will be responsible for the improper use of the reproductions. The BC is not responsible for the fraudulent use that people who have requested reproductions may make against the copyright protected by law.

I have read and accept the conditions for the authorization of public use of the reproduction of documents of the Biblioteca de Catalunya(*)

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