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Sites and stacks

Hospital site

Entrada Biblioteca

Hospital, 56 08001 Barcelona
T. 34 932 702 300
Fax 34 932 702 304
From Monday to Friday, 9 to 20 h.
Saturdays, 9 to 14 h.


Reading rooms.Services for users.Technical areas.

Organisational units

Dissemination area, Information Technology area, Archive, General Coordination, Direction, Sound and Audiovisual unit, Manuscripts section, Music section, Rare books and Special Collections section, Collective Catalogue of Catalonia's Bibliographical Heritage, Reference and Document Delivery service, Administration, Storage, Preservation and Conservation service, Bibliographic unit, Digitization unit and Graphic unit.

Villarroel site


Villarroel, 91 08011 Barcelona
T. 34 932 702 300


Services for users of Legal Diposit.Technical areas.

Organisational units

General Collections, Legal Deposit, Newspapers unit, Ephemera, Bibliographic Standards service, Acquisitions service, Binding and Restoration.

Archive Joan Maragall

Façana de l'Arxiu Joan Maragall

Alfons XII, 79 08006 Barcelona
T. 34 932 001 416
Monday and Wednesday, 10 to 14 h.
Wednesday 16 a 20 h.
Closed in August


Services for users.

Stacks at Hospitalet


Carretera del Mig, 40 08907 L'Hospitalet de Llobregat
T. 34 935 538 267
Fax 93 553 82 69


Without public access, documents should be requested and consulted at Hospital site.Technical services.

Organisational units

Storage, Conservation and Preservation service and Sound and audiovisual Lab.



Parc de Gardeny 8 C 25003 Lleida
 T. 73 267 660
 Fax 973 262 846


Cooperative stack for documents of low use managed by the CSUC.