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Reproduction of documents

Information about the service

The copy permission, type and place will depend on the kind of document. The reproduction of documents in the reserve room has some special requirements.

Photocopies at the General reading room

  • Reference works after 1900 from the General reading room.
  • Monographs and periodicals after 1958 of the general collection and octavo and quarto size

Scan copies at the General reading room.

  • Reference works before 1901 from the General reading room or fragile or very used.
  • Monographs and journals before 1959 from general collection.
  • Monographs and journals after 1958 from general collection or fragile.

Scan copies at the Reserve room

  • Reference works from the General reading room fragile or very used.
  • Any document from reserve collections.

Printings of self-service computer

Of any document available at the library network.

Digital images, photographs and slides

Of any bibliographic document.

Photocopies from microfilm.

From items available in alternative supports.

Sound and audiovisual reproductions

From sound and audiovisual documents of the library in digital media

Requests of copies should be delivered at the desks or filling the web form

Delivery terms

Photocopies, scan photocopies, digital images and colour photocopies

At the time

High quality digital images
Photocopies, scan photocopies, snapshots and colour photocopies

24-48 hours

Hight quality digital images, dispositives, traditional photographs, microfilm photocopies and microfilm digitizing

15 days

Sound recordings or audiovisual

7 days

Public prices for reproduction

View all prices

Reproduction of bibliographic materials

Photocopies A4-A3, scan copies, self-service photocopies, self-service photocopies of microforms, self-service prints  

0,25 €/u.

Colour photocopies

0,30 €/u.


0,30 €/u.

High quality digital images

1,00 €/u.

CD and DVD support

1,00 €/u.

Reproduction of sound and audiovisual materials. Support not included

Reproduction of sound (from analogue support to digital or from digital to digital). 1 song or fragments up to 4 minutes

1,00 €/u.

Audiovisual reproduction from analogue support to digital
    Up to 2 hours
    2 to 4 hours

15,00 €/u.
20,00 €/u.

Audiovisual reproduction from digital support to digital up to 2 hours

6,00 €/u.

CD and DVD support

1,00 €/u.


Public prices for commercial use

BC charges an additional fee for reproductions supplied for commercial purposes, that it doesn’t exempt the users to get the rightholder’s permission.


Publishing purposes

20,00 €/u.

Advertising purposes

60,00 €/u.

Public communication purposes

60,00 €/u.

Sound material

Publishing and public communication purposes

20,00 €/song or sound fragment up to 4 minutes

Advertising purposes

60,00 €/song or sound fragment up to 4 minutes

Audiovisual material

Publishing and public communication purposes

20,00 €/hour or fraction

Advertising purposes

60,00 €/hour or fraction


In case of public and private non-profit institutions, a deduction of 50% is applied.
For requests of 10 or more units/hours a deduction of 50% is applied. 


IEC members are exempt from the payment of the reproduction fees when the purpose is their bibliographic research programs.

Payment methods

  • By cash or card at the Access and Documents Supply Service (Desk of Reproductions)
  • By card through the payment module: , once you have the budget number and the user's reference which will give you on formalizing request.
  • Bank cheque or certified cheque. In the case of abroad payments it is required a certification from the Spanish correspondent bank.
  • Bank transfer to the current account of BBVA, IBAN: ES53 0182 6035 4002 0160 7033, payable to Biblioteca de Catalunya (Reproduccions).
  • Postal order payable to Biblioteca de Catalunya, Secció d'Obtenció de Documents, c/Hospital, 56. 08001 Barcelona.
  • Bank domiciliation: people or institutions that use the reproduction service in a continuous way can open an account-deposit of variable amount, of not more than 300,00 €, where the accepted budgets will be charged until it be depleted.

Remind to include the budget number in the payments.

Procedure of request

For immediate service you should go to desks.

For orders:

  • To fill the form on paper or web.
  • To accept the budget
  • To pay the order in advance by one of the payment methods.
  • The delivery term starts from the payment date.
  • In case of longer delivery times, the user will be informed by phone or email when the material will be ready
  • The budgets expire within in 30 days if they are not paid.

Operational hours

Immediate service: Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 19:30 and Saturdays from 9:00 to 13:30, excepting the digital images service which is Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 14:00 and from 15:00 to 19:30.

Orders and administrative affairs (budgets, invoices...): Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from de 9:30 to 14:00 and from 16:00 to 17:00h; Wednesday from 9:30 to 14:00 and from 16:00 to 18:00h.


The picking up can be done in the library without cost, asking for the shipment by certified post mail (Spain: 8 € and abroad: 15 €) or by electronic delivery with Internet or e-mail (up to 100 files or 1GB, 1,00 €).

Use of reproductions

  • Research: Copies from the library collections are only for researching.
  • Commercial or communication use: Requesters will be responsible of processing and obtaining the appropriate permissions from the rightholders.

Legislation and information on intellectual property