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RDA: Catalan translation


The change towards RDA is becoming a reality. The Biblioteca de Catalunya has signed an agreement with the American Library Association to make open and free available the Catalan translation of RDA in pdf format, from its web, for a period of  one year, to facilitate librarians become familiar with this new cataloging code in a gradual way.

The Catalan translation of RDA has been done by Assumption Estivill Rius, to whom we appreciate for her work and availability to collaborate with the Biblioteca de Catalunya

Throughout this year the translation will be added to RDA Toolkit, a resource of online access by subscription. The Biblioteca de Catalunya is managing a collective subscription since 2017 to provide access to the library system of Catalonia.

Eugènia Serra

RDA : recursos, descripció i accés

Catalan translation of: RDA Resource Description & Access, developed in a collaborative process led by the Joint Steering Committee for Development of RDA (JSC). Translation by Assumpció Estivill Rius. Includes changes and updates through October 2015. Preliminary edition. Barcelona: Biblioteca de Catalunya, 2016.

This edition will be free for eleven months. After this period it will be included at the RDA Toolkit under subscription.